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Santas for You Jay's Midi Carousel Christmas midis


Some of the songs listed below I do not
have written permission to use, however
I post them with the following understanding:

In the spirit of posting midi files on the
internet, all sequencers expect to receive
credit for their work, and rightfully so.
I therefore post these with proper credit
and links where possible. If I haven't given
credit or links and you know, then please let
me know so I can do so.

"Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman!" (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)(Ba Ba Black Sheep)
Sequenced by - - Ron O'Dell

The Old Folks at Home - - Sequencer unknown

Chop Sticks
Sequenced by - - Perfessor Bill Edwards

Jingle Bells Forever
Sequenced by - - Gary Wachtel

Ragtime Jingle bells
Sequenced by - - Irwin Schwartz

A Swinging Frosty Snoman
Sequenced by - - Irwin Schwartz

Beep Beep! Story of 1950's Nash Rambler
Sequenced by - - Ted Keener I haven't been able to contact Ted yet.

Unicorn Best name I have
Sequencer unknown.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
Sequenced by George Tassara

Sequenced by George Tassara

Music of the Night
Sequenced by Howie

The above are but a small sample of the great
and unusual midi songs that I have found on
the internet. They are presented here with
the understanding that if you use them, you
will give proper credit when you can.