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Jay's midi Carousel is an addon to SANTAS FOR YOU,
the home page for the displaying of my wife's
hand made Olde World Santas. My wife sells these
at various Hand Craft Shows in the Atlanta, Ga.

To give the site a little more interest
and depth I added a Family page to help expose
web pages of other family members. However I got
carried away with my midi pages because of my
love for music. Being an ex horn player and not
a sequencer I had to justify the use of the music
of those who's music I use. I have done this by
making this a site that features the artists. It
is "THEIR" music I use and all credits and honors
belong to them.

I have tried to present a little personal touch
of their sites on pages dedicated to each of
them, with the hopes that the visitors will
associate their music with them. If you do then
I have achieved my goals of presenting some of
the best midi music on the internet and a pointer
towards these great artists.

All pages are written by me in basic HTML using
a text editor to do the writing. I let my
visitors do my spell checking for me, so PLEASE
don't be bashful. Tell me where I screwed up!

Thank you for visiting and "PLEASE" take time to
join in with the fight to save free music on
the internet. Click on the banner below, and

TAHNK YOU! Jay Smith