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You'll find at the Piano Bar, a rather large and varied selection of popular songs
with their Lyrics, mostly Latin-American thus far. You'll feel like you're
in a Nightclub, when you listen to his smooth Piano Playing Style. So you can
have your Personal Piano Bar at home while you surf the net,
or... why not? while you enjoy your favorite drink with your loved one
(it can just be lemonade!).

Your host and pianist, Luciano Quiñones, welcomes you! Enjoy!

When I requested the use of this MASTER'S work
I referred to his sound as being classical.
He feels that Classical Music is another
area of music and he is quite right, but:
I have never found in the classical world
artistry that is done in better style and quality.

If you don't stop by and enjoy his music
and sign his guest book I'll HIT YOU!



Never On Sunday!

Cielito Lindo!

Aniversary Waltz!

Adios Muchachos!

The Sound of Music!