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Ted Keener's midi files span several decades
and cover a wide range of types of music. Ted
does a great job of bringing us "Old Timers"
back into our hey days (Drive-in-movies and
dad's car with my girl at my side). If your
not old enough for that, then it's a great
learning and listening experience when you
click on the picture or banner and visit
Ted Keener at his home web site.

Click on the picture or logos.

Ted Keener's
Hand Carved MIDI's

Oh My Papa! (For webmaster's father!)
Your Nothing but a Scatter Brain! (Think it came from same 78 RPM I played!) (Directed towards this webmaster!)
When Autum Leaves begin to fall!
Beep Beep! (Story of Little Nash Rambler - late 50's)
Moon Over Miami!
Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! (Ted has three versions. Check them out at his place!)