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Christmas !

by Jim Stark

C2    /     /     Am    /     /     F2    /     /     G7sus /     /

C6                       G7             Gm6                        A7 
Church bells are   chim - ing        List-en to them ring! 

Em7          Am7    D7b9        G7    CMaj7    Am7    Dm7       G7 
Christ-mas      is   near - ing     a - gain       this    year! 

C6                     G7                Gm6                     A7 
Snow flakes are fall-ing          dancing down the lane 

Em7         Am7     Dm7          G7        CMaj7 Am7  Dm7       G7 
Hap - py,      it's    Christ-mas time a - gain.                        For 

FMaj7            Bb9        C6     Am7   D7          Ebdim 
Un - to you is born this day     a       sa - vior    in 

Bm7b5          E7b9             Dm7           G7 
Beth - le-hem town now the An - gel did say 

C6               G7         Gm6                            A7 
Car - ols are ring-ing          tell-ing us good    news 

Em7           Am7   Dm7       G7    CMaj7     Am7    Dm7   G7 
Christ-mas      is   here once   a - gain. 

C6              G7           Gm6                 A7 
Christ - mas lights will shine from each win - dow 

Em7        Am7 Dm7       G7 CMaj7   Am7   Dm7              G7 
Yule fires will   warm us to - night   We're  hap-py waitin' for 

C6              G7           Gm6             A7 
Christ - mas Day We'll  all     get to - gether 

Em7         Am7  Dm7       G7   CMaj7    Am7 Dm7    G7 
Shar - ing  our   
joy once   a - gain. 

C6                   G7            Gm6                      A7 
Kin - folks and neigh-bors       gath-er at the church 

Em7         Am7   Dm7       G7   CMaj7   Am7   Dm7    G7 
Sing - ing   and   prais-ing the   Lord!       A - men! 

C6                   G7           Gm6                             A7 
Choirs sing the sto - ry         how that Christ was born 

Em7        Am7 Dm7            G7  CMaj7   Am7  Dm7   G7 
An - gels came bring-ing us the  news.                     For 

FMaj7             Bb9        C6    Am7  D7         Ebdim 
Un - to us was born this day     a     sa - vior Oh, 

Bm7b5           E7b9               Dm7             G7 
come,   let us  wor - ship Him Je - sus   the  Lord! 

C6                G7             Gm6                            A7 
Oh, Yes!   It's Christ-mas!       Hap-py Christ-mas  Day 

Em7         Am7  Dm7              G7   CMaj7   Am7  Dm7    G7|C6 
Bless-ings  and  Peace and Joy   to   you!